psychotheraphy testimonials
"Thank you for helping me develop insight into my staff's human needs. Your assistance to Honeywell has been excellent."
Doug Ball, H.R. Director, Honeywell

"I am pleased to recommend Dr. Rivait. He is an exceptional person and talented therapist."
Terrence Baie, President, Dynamic Mutual Funds

"Professionally, I always admired his clinical style and success...personally he exemplifies all that you would hope for in a friendship!"
Dr. Richenda Crawford, Psychotherapist, Vancouver

"He bridges the distance between the unconscious and daily living. He can unravel complex issues. With him the difficult therapeutic journey is always rewarding. Toronto will miss him."
Barbara Gordon, LL.B., Lawyer

"I cannot recommend him enough... his success in our program was in a class of its own."
Else Engel, Ph.D., Executive Director, Optifast

"Ernest is an exceptionally gifted and compassionate psychotherapist... he quickly moves clients beyond limiting life issues to greater well-being and full human potential."
Dr. Stefan Kuprowski, Executive Director, Vancouver Clinic

"Dr. Rivait is the "maestro of change par excellence". He was a wonderful influence on my life."
Jay Scott, Film Critic, Globe and Mail

"In today's world, as vital humanistic values are under assault, Dr. Rivait's philosophy will be a great asset to the community."
Dr. Rabbi Ernest Klein, Author, English Language Etymological Dictionary

"Without question, Dr. Rivait is a gem..."
Cindy Brooks, PhD. Consultant RHR Canada