Historically and ideally the basic ingredients to become a psychotherapist was always higher academic education, quality training and an apprenticeship with senior therapists. Additional essentials were an ethical philosophy of life, a humanistic value system, the right personality and a genuine concern for the human condition. Finally, completion of one's own long term personal psychotherapy, for it was understood that you could not treat others until you resolved your own neurosis.

After 25 years of clinical practice Dr. Rivait believes it has been this traditional and classical training which has accounted for his successful labours in the field of mental health.

During his eclectic career he has had a wealth of experience with hospitals, schools, government and private agencies, as well as corporations. He has sat on committees and boards sometimes in the role of Chairman or President. In previous years he was the company therapist at Honeywell and Canada Life Insurance in Toronto, Vice President of a Mental Health Consulting Company, and the Mental Health Director for the town of Port Simpson, B.C., a First Nations Community.

He was a trainer for master degree students at University of Toronto and Sir Wilfred Laurier University. He has appeared on television and radio and has regularly addressed public and professional audiences on the value of Progressive Psychotherapy in pursuit of wellness and life success.