To fortify clients with knowledge, insight and psychological strength required to restore balance of body, mind and spirit... and one's existence within the universe.
As a psychotherapist I commit to perform my responsibilities and administer treatment in a professional and ethical manner in accordance with professional association standards while striving to maintain the

highest of clinical expertise

always in the client's best interest.

Marital and family conflict.

Personal difficulties... anxiety and depression.

Addictions... and deteriorating health.


Resolve internal psychic conflict; improve relationships; elevate personal functioning; increase work performance; create peace of mind, holistic health and life success.

A comprehensive assessment and concise diagnosis is conducted to define the nature, scope and cause of the problem. A goal-directed treatment plan is then formulated. Brief or longer term treatment is based on client need and goals. The treatment conducted is a talking-relationship therapy embedded in a humanistic-existential philosophy defined as Progressive Psychotherapy.
For numerous reasons confidentiality is vital and an absolute cornerstone within our code of ethics. However, by law it is not guaranteed in life threatening situations including yourself and others or where children are at risk. To ensure confidentiality our office is private and located in a residential area. Historically, our record in this area is unblemished.
• No charge introductory telephone consultation.
• Immediate and evening appointments.
• Fees on sliding scale.
• Flexible payment schedule.