Life Therapy

Life is difficult... at times totally perplexing. The 21st Century could be called "The Age of Uncertainty and Anxiety"... and we now have societal symptoms to prove it. The search for personal meaning and self esteem can be a complicated and painful path. It requires vigilance, sometimes angry determination and always reservoirs of courage. Our childhood maps eventually become outdated leaving us lost or trapped.

An existential dilemma is quite normal by adulthood

as our dreams and idealized fantasies leave us with the question: "Life... when does the party begin?"

As we age and grow through the different lifecycle stages our needs, feelings and circumstances change.

Stress becomes a normal by-product as we consciously and unconsciously struggle to adapt.

Change is so rapid that no one can keep pace. At an alarming rate even professionals are burning-out as personal, family and career demands clash. It is easy to identify with the sceptics... for at times life seems futile as we struggle with internal conflict while observing others living in illusions. Our society is more vulnerable to human problems than ever before and the prognosis does not appear any better.

Yet deep within our nature burns a candle of hope as we all need, value and strive for meaningful labour, loving relationships, peace of mind and harmony with the universe. In order to accomplish these goals one must be in the possession of good mental health. However, mental health is not a priority in our society. We receive no formal education concerning

the dangers of anxiety, depression and destructive behaviours.

In today's world the trap closes subtly over time. No one is immune. When tragedy or crisis strikes we find ourselves vulnerable and isolated.

Those with character and courage will face life tests and respond to the ancient philosophical axiom, "An unexamined life is not worth living..."

Successful psychotherapy has proven to be one of life's wisest investments.

All that is required is the courage to face the truth, determination to change and motivation for personal psychological growth. I attest to this both as an experienced therapist and former client.

Any attempt to define the therapeutic process in a precise and concise manner is really not possible. In general it could be said that excellent therapy is scientific in principle and artistic in nature. The important fact is that it does work under the right conditions. It will provide you with powerful insights and psychological strength to face and overcome any of life's harsh realities.